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According to the legislation of our country, citizens of Ukraine have the right to work abroad.

The basic purpose for job search abroad for Ukrainians is the opportunity to earn more.

Our countrymen consider the work abroad as an alternative way of good earnings. Job search for Ukrainians in Europe in many cases - the only way to earn for decent life, comfortable living conditions and education of children.

Life and work abroad - it's not just a good option, but also hidden benefits such as - learning a new language, learning a new culture, a good experience, career growth.

Our advice - before you go to work abroad, it is necessary to study well the economic, the political situation and the level of wages in the country you have chosen.

There are several ways to find work abroad. We recommend that you look for a job only through an employment agency, which has a license to carry out such activities. This will protect you from many risks.

One of the components of success in finding a job abroad is properly written resume.

Specify your main specialty, and related professions that you have. If you are applying for more highly skilled work, specify the presence of experience, knowledge of a foreign language and recommendations from previous employers.