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Company "Profi Star Union" provides professional services for employment of Ukrainian citizens abroad under license Series AE No. 291614 dated 13/05/2014 and issued by the State Employment Center of Ukraine to provide professional and competent recruitment services for foreign employers.

We provide foreign employers with qualified personnel at various levels and specialties, each of individual professionals and the whole team to work on the project or object.

In the selection of experts for our clients, we carefully check the recommendations, work experience, health and level of English proficiency if necessary.

Our personnel will carefully examine the professional skills of the candidate, at the request of the employer or the employee can arrange an interview via phone or Skype.

Our personnel will provide you with full information on job vacancies, potential employers, working conditions and other information you need, 
and also can help you arrange the necessary permits to work abroad.


xtract from the Unified register License