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Our company provides services to the citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries (qualified professionals who have proved working experience, and meet requirements of the employer) in the legal (official) employment abroad, namely:

- processing of personal data of the employees; 

- gathering information on the availability of vacancies for the employees with employers;
- analysis of the information received from employers on job vacancies;
- search and selection of the workplace;
- negotiating with the employer;
- legalization of the preliminary agreement,

stipulating following issues regarding employment abroad:

  • working conditions, terms, payment detailes; 
  • accommodation and meals;
  • health care and insurance for the duration of stay abroad;

- Preparation of the relevant documents required for the issue of personal work permit or work visa; 

- Notarized translation of copies of documents confirming your qualifications and experience in the profession;
- any other services arising in the preparatory period for the employment process.